Tuesday, November 6, 2012


How exciting!!! I always wanted to do a post on para-para I'm envious of  the girls that are able to join and are amazingly committed!! I wish i could, their styles are super cute and they look perfectly well done every time and i wish to try their make-up again sometime :) I admire their skillful hands at make-up and hair, and i don't know how they do it because i know for sure i'd be to lazy to...heh, but thats what it takes to be in angeleek : "D
Here's a web page i found of some of the members!!


There is not much to say about gackt because he is just awesome, and perfect and ideal in everyway ❤ Even though he had surgery i don't blame him because its his body and his money and he didn't alter his whole face, which is a good thing :D. His voice is dreamy and hits every note everytime!! And his skin and body are perfected down to the tinyist detail which is envious, maybe i should give up rice??? ha ha i could never, i love it too much just as much as i ♥ gackt ;) ♥♥♥